Its ridiculous how overpowered the russian tanks are.

Ive been playing WOT on and off since the beta and i gotta say i made a grave mistake in going down that line. I still have my Tiger I and its supercrew, but playing with the IS is just an obscene world of difference. IS is faster, can peek a boom better than the tiger, deflects an overwhelmingly high amount of shots from sometimes tier IX (scrapings, but still), and does terrifying damage to tanks in its frontline blasting business. I get that the Tiger is not meant to be played as a frontline and is mainly a sniper, but the money/XP im getting from the IS is crazy. My best game ever with the tiger was nailing 7 tanks, while i get at least 2 or 3 kills per match with the soviet armor.

I understand that tanks need variety, but the russian tanks just play so much better. Im steps away from getting the IS3, and from what ive read its the same but better tank (with hopefully a better pen in the gun).

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