Its sad but T10, is just not fun anymore.

i know this is gonna be downvoted and told ‘git gud, l2play arty safe’ but , rant nonetheless.

T9/10 used to be the tier that was the most fun. Hell, even T8 in T10 games was fun. Now, its just almost automatically 3xT10 arty against and upon spot.. GG.

Get spotted, first -500+20s stun- repair module, repair crew + repair stun.

Try to somehow become arty safe, another hit. -500+20s stun.

Stun still up, tracks back up, try to move back, -500 and more modules gone.

Finally, stun gone, as ‘arty safe’ as it can get at said spot, -350 splash + ammo rack gone + 15s stun.

you move, you die. (good anti-camp mechanic) Thanks for a great gaming experience BC 155 58 + GW E100 players. (and all you other arty scum)

Thanks for reading my salt. (meme flair cuz i guess complaining about this bullshit is a meme by now)

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