It’s the year 2023, and WoT still doesn’t have an option to create solo training rooms…

I’m kinda bored after constantly playing the same maps over and over again, so I would like to enable Grand Battles for an occasional change of pace, but I don’t want to play my Tier 10 tanks blind and get obliterated by others.

Man I remember being annoyed way back in 2016 when I started playing, that there is no way to drive around solo, and it’s still a problem today, 7 years later.

Is it seriously so hard to add ? War Thunder has this option, apparently even WoWs, another WG game has this option, so why not WoT ?

I know that I can just set up another account on a different PC or a Virtual Machine, or just ask some friends, but I should be able to do it without using workarounds.

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