I’ve got Obj 780 nr 6969

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ll give you my 2 cents on this event. I’m am average casual player, that put very little money in the game and that has, after 9k battles, only 4 tier Xs and some tier 9ers. I rarely shoot gold, I don’t use food because that means I won’t get no credit after the battle, I have only several special equipment. Fragments were a huge thing that helped me get faster through one line of tanks in each country, other wise, grinding without premium is hell. The gold I have, I used it to train the crew from one tank to another.

The only premium I’ve got, beside the ones from the campaigns, is the Lowe that I received as a gift. Looking at the statistics, we represent the wast majority of players, the fodder that the whales pray upon.

Coming back to 780, this was never an option for us, because that meant giving away all that we have accumulated until now. But it was a nice thing for WoT to get rid of a lot of scraps, and put some players back to start. Basically this event was made one again for those with money, and a very few good players. Change my mind.

My text is not a rant, WoT is a free game to play, but pay to win, we know all this and still enjoying it from time to time. Except when I see my Maus, first tier X I’ve got after painful grinding. And he arrived a bit too late, cause now, tierX is another world. Cheers!

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