Jagdtiger 8.8 – Trade in?

I am beginning to hate this tank.

Had it for a while and tbh I just don’t get it. Its gun is underwhelming unless against lower tiers. Its armour is non existent, Its camo again what camo? Its view wtf? I seem to be blind in it. Open field against a Caernarvon just now and I cant see him yet I am lit up while behind a bush like a beacon.

I know this has preferential matchmaking butI just can not get this to work so….

Its trade in time and I am wondering if its worth trading for anything or is it worth keeping just as a collector vehicle?.

Leaning towards the Caernarxon AX tbh but have heard bad reports even though I am training the conqueror at the moment. Other than that the Kjgpzr 105 or Kp07 might work for me.

Would be interested in the subs opinions.

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