Japan t9 impossible to play with?

Hi all. I was playing japanese heavies, because big bois seemed to be perfect for tanking stuff while the team deals some dmg. I had lots of fun with O-I and then O-Ni, but when i reached O-Ho i felt like I’m more of a burden than a tank. Sure it wasn’t as effective as O-Ni, but I still managed to do some decent plays and tank stuff, thinking that when I get to Type 4h it will be much better. But it isn’t. Every time I rollout this big metal box I get completely destroyed. The gun deals low damage compared to other tanks this tier and has high reload time(14s for me). I can’t tank any hits, as I either get ACPRed or HEATed no problem as the armor seems flat and not curvy. I like curvy. And I can’t cover myself good because the tank is huge in comparison and very, very slow. Is it me who doesn’t really know how to play the tank or is it just plain bad? Would like some tips on how to improve if it’s possible and what weak spot to cover. Or should I ditch the move to type5h? Thank you all!

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