Japanese tank destroyers unlocked in 21 days (plus 157000 Free XP) while not playing it


Following same journey as with Chinese heavy tanks (which took 13 days) by far the easiest & least stressful way to unlock brand new tech tree is not to play these vehicles at all but rather collect vehicle blueprint fragments from Daily Mission (I’d re-rolled missions unless its reward was bonds or blueprint fragment) rewards.

In these past days I was getting about 2 fragments per day and since there are 6 vehicles in brand new Japanese Tank Destroyer tech tree (Tier V to X) it took only 21 days.

necessary vehicle modules: 157000 Free XP

Daily Missions: 47 vehicle fragments (1 fragment: 1x; 2 fragments: 9x; 3 fragments: 8x; 5 fragments: 1x)

Tour of Duty: 3 vehicle fragments

Another advantage to this method is that it’s significantly cheaper than similar options…

‘Free XP only’ route would cost: 567320 + 157000 Free XP Universal/National blueprint research route would cost: 480 Universal blueprints + 162 Chinese blueprints (+ 157000 Free XP)

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