“Just get arty safe!”

Steve: I hate artillery. I hate having three of them in matches!

Jeff: Just get arty safe! Don’t be predictable! Stop camping!

Gets focused as I am hiding behind a rock**

Steve: None of this helps when you get focused.

Jeff: “You were not arty safe to begin with. Take a smarter position next time, you red tomato!”

Gets splashed behind a house**

Jeff: “Play lights or fast mediums! Just avoid getting hit.”

The arty shot misses, but knocks out two of my crew members and damages my tracks**

Jeff: You need to use your repair-kit and med-kit, stupid!

Uses repair-kit and med-kit**

Second or third artillery damages tracks and knocks out crew members once again”*

Focusing intensifies**

Jeff: Uninstall the game, noob!

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