Just have a question for you all…

Why do you guys still play Wot in 2022? WoT’s peak popularity was around 2014ish I think, breaking 1 million concurrent users, and since then the game seems to have as been in a state of slow decline in terms of player count.

I remember playing a fair amount back in 2016-20 however I mostly stopped after that. It might be because I’m older and lost appeal for it because of a few minor issues I should really stop whining about.

I blame the long grind as well as RNG. If you aren’t willing to spend lots of money then it can take a very long time to get credits/XP/etc so it feels pointless in the end. You question if all this effort is better spent elsewhere. “Am I actually having fun?”

Also, there is a common joke that the game is 25% RNG, however, this could be seen as a general rule. The thing about it is that your skills feel worthless when a dice roll dictates everything.

Just wish they’d actually explore new game modes or map types. The gameplay itself is stale bread from 2012.

Now back to the question, how do you remain interested after playing for thousands of battles? Is it a sunken cost fallacy? Is it because there’s nothing better?

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