Just some food for thought about the reward vehicle nerf:

Just wanted to let everyone know that wargaming is finally on the right path by nerfing the Chieftain and obj. 279e… Oh wait…

It seems that the marketing and balancing department are having an internal power struggle, because while one is about to nerf some of the “strongest” heavy tanks in the game because “they have become more prominent on the battlefield”, the other has just released a batch of 75k chieftains with slightly less gun depression and armor in exchange for more of everything else (compared to the current, old chieftain)!

For those who haven’t realized this, I’m talking about the KPZ 07 P(E), which was recently released in great quantity upon the game for god knows what reason? Maybe wargaming wanted to drain everyones recourses so they would buy more christmas boxes, who knows? The tank you received for dumping all your resources (and money) into it is a basically a chieftain as shown by tanks.gg:

Pre 1.22 Chieftain vs KPZ 07 P(E).

KPZ 07 P(E) Armor model.

To be fair, I did put the KPZ on maximum gun depression, but mainly because any sane player would play it that way. As you can see, not even russian 340mm HEAT pen stands much of a chance against it. The slight weaknesses compared to the chieftain can be easily compensated for by lowering the time of exposure, which is possible due to the better gun handeling on the tank. Why would anyone put 75 thousand of these into their game when there is a supposed “problem” with the tank it’s based on being too good?

Let’s summarize what I’ve discussed so far. Wargaming is nerfing tanks that people put blood, sweat and tears into obtaining while simultaneously selling a better vehicle to anyone who plays somewhat regularly or has a credit card. I don’t think anyone who owns a chieftain and spent 2 weeks grinding with their low level clan to obtain one will take this lying down. I know I won’t, which is why I’ll be asking wargaming for some form of compensation for this. If anyone at wargaming is reading this, just know that my time is quite expensive.

It’s not even like the nerfs are that necessary in the first place. The chieftain is a strong tank due to its high manouverability, strong turret and gun depression. It works great on maps with ridgelines where it can go straight through its opponents like butter. If those opponents make mistakes that is. The chieftain is a fast heavy tank and you can see it on the enemy teamlist. Why would anyone drive all the way up the mountain on Malinovka when you know the enemy chieftain is going to be there first anyways? That chieftain isn’t going to push into your 5 TD’s camping on the backline alone, neither is anyone else, its a random battle for crying out loud…

People die against chieftains because its a tank exceptionally well suited for taking advantage of misplays by the enemy. In a true 1v1 the chieftain will win 99/100 times, but a random battle isn’t a 1v1. If the chieftain cannot attack you due to… idk… a TD sitting behind you providing support it can’t kill you. Unless of course you decide you want to do damage, drive out, get tracked and die, after which you go whine about the chieftain being OP on forums.

The argument against nerfing the 279e is even simpler to make: premium ammo. Any other tier 10 should go through it like butter with premium ammunition, unless the tank is angled up on an incline. Guess what? You can just not engage the thing in that situation and suddenly that 279e is less intimidating. That won’t change the fact that T8 vehicles will have trouble penning it, but I can name a dozen more vehicles of various tiers that have the same thing going for them.

Given all of this, would you still consider the (current nerfs) to the chieftain and 279e to be appropriate? I personally wouldn’t agree to them, especially as they are right now. If those 6km/h are really the problem, maybe wargaming shouldn’t have added turbo’s into the game. Or maybe the chieftains engine cannot be turbocharged due to it already having one? That would certainly make it less fast but at the same time more dangerous in other aspects.

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