K9 for Warriors drive — but no in-game stuff

Did anyone else get this email? I donated. Good cause. And for the second time I got nothing in-game. Now I’m supposed to,I assume, have saved my receipt from … what … a month ago to prove that you donated??? I love this game but occasionally, just very very occasionally, they screw up.

“Dear World of Tanks Community,

Thank you for all your interest and donations in our K9s for Warriors drive, with your help we have raised over 35 thousand dollars!

Due to issues with the in-game credit system the payouts have been delayed. Please note that K9s for Warriors cannot assist or expedite the process and we must ask that you contact World of Tanks Support with any issues surrounding the crediting of goods.

If you have not received your goods in the next several days, please reach out to World of Tanks Support. Support can be found here: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/

Thank you again for supporting a great cause!”

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