Keeping WOT Plus Or Nah?

For those that subscribed to WOT Plus… after a month now… are you keeping it or no?

I subbed first day, been playing the game since beta. Money is no issues…. but just canceled and submitted a ticket detailing my reason why. Not being dramatic, just my opinion and impression after 1 month.

I am a father of 3, I get more play time than most… but not always enough to earn the full gold reward that is part of WOT Plus.

I have tons of premium tanks, the TS-54 is not special. The ability to swap gear is more hassle than it’s worth (even with mods). The “Offline XP” is so small I don’t even bother.

The only value was the gold, and every other game I pay a monthly fee for gives the in-game currency in full on payment. Having to pay for a chance to earn it… is not a value add.

Curious what everyone else’s opinions are as we approach renewal date for day 1 subs.

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