Lack of tank viability for clan content

The title really says it all. tier 8 skirmish are plagued with autoloaders and autoreloaders. Advances often come down to which clan can field more chieftans and who has the better ebr.

WG needs to figure out how to balance the game so tier 8 skirmishes are not progetto and bourasqe fest. They need to figure out how to balance the game so advances are not a fest of chieftans if the clan has it or a bunch of VZ55s.

Having played tier 8 skirmishes and tier 10 advances almost everyday for the last 3 weeks, im comfortable saying that the clan content meta is stale and boring as all hell. Its not uncommon to see an entire team with only 3 tanks. I love clan content because i enjoy working with a large group, having coordinated gameplans…but I hate playing the tanks required to compete. I hate playing autoreloaders period, but anything else is choosing to be at a disadvantage in tier 8s.

I dont have a chieftan or a vz55 or a obj277, so im automatically at a disadvantage in ANY tier 10 clan content and many clans just wouldnt even look at me for membership because i dont have one of three meta tanks.

Am I just a fool who is complaining about something the community wanted or do yall agree with me?

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