Late Night Matchmaking for the lower tiers…

… seems to be very disadvantageous. Whenever I start a Tier 5 or Tier 6 MM after 11p.m. I almost always end up lowest tier or at least -1 Tier presumably becaus of player density. So I tried using a tank with preferential MM just to see what happens. All of a sudden it takes 3 – 4 minutes for a match to start and 50% of the times the matches get filled with bots, which kinda proves my assumption that you just get thrwon into higher tier matches with regular tanks. This shit needs to stop.

If you consistenly play Tier 8+ it might be something different and most likely you don’t care but I’m still pretty new and I only own 1 Tier 8 Tank + 1 Tier 9 from the battle pass so these are not my main games.

Then again I’m in a minority and I guess most people won’t care for anything lower than T8. I assume I’ll get downvoted for whining

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