LBOZO is recruiting!

LBOZO is a new clan for players to enter the competitive scene.

We are a combination of players who have already played in previous Clan Wars events and/or have played Tournaments and Advances often, mixed with new players who have yet to play anything comp related.
Our goal is to train players up to a higher level so that they can rise up the ranks in comp play, to get our stronghold to level 10 to run credit boosters nightly, and to earn gold in Clan Wars and Tournaments to give out to members that play.

Requirements to join:
3-4 Night a week of activity for CW, tourneys, Advances and Strongholds, etc.

3+ Meta tanks
Discord for communication (mic not needed, as long as you can listen you’ll be fine)

1400+ overall recents (if your 60 days and recent stats meet the requirements, but your overall recents don’t, we will probably accept you as you are improving)

If you have any questions about stats, or activity, or tanks, etc., don’t hesitate to ask!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions as stated above, please message one of our recruiters ON DISCORD and they will give you a link to the server:
Prexy#2000, Fern#1577, Dak#0008, Bennet_N#1565, TheKingTimmy#5867, or BlackToppings#0018

Thank you for your time and happy tanking! o7o7

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