Learnings from trade in event (bisonte/kpz 07)

Got rid of the MIVY and the super pig, got Bisonte and Kpz07.

Bisonte is similar to AMBT (I ran them with same setup each exp turbo, bond vstab, bounty rotation for about 50 percent better stabilization):

AMBT is APCR/APCR/HE (gold is especially high velocity) while Bisonte is AP/HEAT/HE (all low velocity). AMBT can hit moving targets much more easily. AMBT has a slightly mobility advantage IMO. Bisonte seems very sluggish even with turbo though it will eventually get up to full speed and be faster than AMBT Bisonte has more reliable turret armor though the angles of the AMBT turret will bounce high penetration APCR better AMBT has much better gun handling and accuracy, it’s a laser beam. Bisonte requires slow and deliberate motions to not derp shots.

KPZ 07 is difficult, I will enjoy learning how to play this. Low shell velocity was the biggest shock to me. In many ways it seems like a more flexible shitpak though the shitpak has much better firepower.

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