leKpz M 41 90 mm – Worst 3 MoE Game

Barely worth it

Well as the M41 90mm was on sale I decided to double up with the twin to the M41 90 GF

Final 3 MoE score was 2623 Combined – Slightly less than the M41 90 GF but close enough – About middle of the T8 LT 3 MoE requirements and lowest of the premiums

It’s still capable in modern WoT but it’s definitely lacking – Piss poor acceleration, meh camo and slooowwww ass shell velocity makes it a chore to play with the increase in faster / high camo meds and faster / higher camo lights

Very prone to ammo racks so get used to 10+ second reloads

Recommended load out (If you have a good crew)

LNE (Bounty pref) / Rammer (Bond pref) / Optics (Bond Pref) – 20 AP / 10 HEAT / 16 HEP

Run fire ex til 85%+ then chocolate and a fire ex directive

Spam the high pen HEP as much as you can – it’s a good for a DPM boost and it’s cheap as hell so makes great credits

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