Let’s discuss convenience.

First lets think about your target audience. Those are people who are rich enough to dump an extra £120 on the game per year on top of at least another £120 that they are already paying for premium.

You are right to think that people who have money might be able to willing to trade it for convenience, however do think whats on offer.

Some gold? – ye great, I have 200k from the new year boxes

Crew training? – I have sht ton of reserves and training manuals

Free equipment demounting? – How is this convenient?

Extra premium tank? – I only play tier 10s.

You are giving breadcrumbs.

Now what would actually be convenient.

Not having to wait for better free XP transfer ratios

Not having to wait to buy equipment and consumables half price

Being able to play full gold 10s without having to farm (as much)

Having some kind of exclusive missions and collectors shop (for FOMO)

Being able to only play vs tanks same tier as yours (for those who likes to play lower tiers)

Thats just from on top of my head. This wot+ seems like a pile of trash so far.

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