Let’s say: if you don’t get the most basic concepts of this game after playing more than 30.000 battles..

then it is a matter of intelligence and not skill. What i am trying to say is: a huge number of WoT players seems to be too dumb to grasp the mechanics of an arcade tank shooter.

I am talking brawling and sight scraping in light tanks, not understanding shell differences, camping outside of the radio signal range in heavies the full game, driving into the open in tanks with weak camo values, camping between two bushes instead of behind them etc.

I would say that a human with average intelligence should start looking behind the curtain of WoT mechanics after round about 5.000 battles and fully get them after 10.000. It is a crazy amount of time spent in the game after all. when you calculate each battle to last about 5 mins on average..

After a certain amount of battles it becomes a matter of skill of course. You can be an absolute master of the WoT numbers game, but if you cannot aim and have 0 situational awareness, then you will still be in trouble no matter what. Just something i was thinking about lately.

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