Lets talk about Steel Hunter’s Respawn mechanic.

It severally nerfs the Arlequin and Bailang. They’re already at a disadvantage in the late game. One of their benefits used to be the survivability due to their maneuverability. But with the new respawn mechanic there’s no point. You’re encouraged to take the dive at certain moments. An advantage that is not utilized the same way by lights because they have high ROF guns and they respawn with an ammo count that’s dogshit for a light and pretty good for a heavy,

In the early game it’s pretty easy. Light>Heavy>Medium>Light

But there’s no point in early combat. As a light it discourages taking early risks. Why would you attack a tank that would be dangerous in the later game if you can’t eliminate them? You’re actively fucking yourself if you do because you’d be feeding them points to upgrade their tank. It’s already easy to win as a heavy and medium. All they have to do is put your ass against a wall and wait for the zone to drain you’re health and they automatically win since they have a larger health pool.

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