Let’s talk about WOT’s subscription and see if it worth it!

Hi everyone,

I would like to share my opinion about WOT+ and prime gaming, so you could avoid the same mistake that I made.

Let’s start with WOT+

Gold reserve: you pay WG for gold vault but you have to grind it. You give your money and your time. Please, extend your face, so WG could SLAP YOU! By the way 200 Xmas lootboxes cost 240 euros and each has at least 250 gold, so 50k gold guaranteed, you could get even more. This is enough to pay for one year of premium account and improved battle pass but not if there are any resources event sinker like auctions… Free demounting: QB and skill said that you could demount bond equipment before WG released Wot+. And then WG updated it: only standard and bounty equipment. This is where I feel bitter because I didn’t noticed that and subbed like an idiot…I wish I knew better, man! And you could demount standard/bounty equipment for 10 gold that you could get from Xmas lootboxes Other small but meaningless bonuses: attendance reward (universal manual and free xp are the one that you would want the most), TS54 (come without any crew and the tank is average, sure you could any crew on it…), intensive crew regiment (x40 every 5 minutes, so 250k every 20 days, this is like a free universal manual every 20 days), map exclusion slot (kind of pointless unless you play certain classes, lights/arty/Swedish TD hate Himmelsdorf/Paris with passion!). Those are lame bonuses or consolation prize All in all, is it worth it? Absolutely NO since WG removed free bond equipment demounting and bounty equipment are hard to get (1 free every battle season and 3 if you pay for the improved battle pass). This is pure overpriced garbage. Maybe adding sets of mission like premium or premium account instead of gold reserve, I don’t know, WG, be creative if you want our money!

Prime gaming

I only used prime gaming if I plan to buy at least two tier VIII for the month that I would pay! Prime gaming cost €6.99 in my country, usually the discount for a tier VIII heavy is 6 to 7 euros, so this is worth it if you buy two You could choose to sub/unsub after seeing what kind of reward you will get, so no surprise and not wasting money! You could get other bonuses like personal reserves and large repair/med/extinguisher kit, that you could sell and 10 to 25 x5 depending on luck Sometimes worth it sometimes not

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