Light tank sinking win rate


I’m new to the game and I’ve played heavy soviets at first at around 51% wr. I’ve made it up to 7 tier and I really enjoyed the game, the only thing I hated was the short vision range so I moved to the light tank line. Heard that t-54 ltwt and 100lt are solid lights so I’ve decided to go that way. I really liked mt-25 and LTG on both I had around 55% wr with around 200 games each, but since I’ve got to LTTG my wr on it is 48%.
Now, I don’t want to be a reason of losing games for my team and I follow some guides on youtube on how to spot, flanking etc.

The problems I run into is whenever I try to get initial safe spotting I get yoloed by some bourasque player and get spanked for 760 dmg in 2 seconds or I get outspotted by ERBs abusers. Alpha on LTTB is so weak that the only tank I can somehow trade with is Bulldog. I would really like to learn the game and be more useful to my team.

If you guys could share some hidden gem channels on youtube for a light tank players I’d be grateful.

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