List of tanks with thin frontal engine/roof decks that can be overmatched by many guns

Plates can be overmatched by guns of a greater caliber than three times their thickness. Here are some tier 8, 9, and 10 vehicles with relatively thin upper deck plates in the area to the front of the turret (and usually, to the rear as well). Make good use of those 76+, 100+, and 122mm+ guns. An asterisk (*) indicates a small upper deck in front that is pretty hard to hit.

20mm (overmatchable by >60mm guns):

T-44, T-44-100, SU-101, Object 703-II*, Somua SM, IS-3*, IS-3A, IS-3-II

30mm (overmatchable by >90mm guns):

122 TM, Jagdpanther II, Ferdinand, IS-5*, Object 252U (Defender)*, Progetto 66, Object 263, Object 430U, Object 140

40mm (overmatchable by >120mm guns):

Tiger II, VK 7501 K, VK 16801 (Mauerbrecher)*, Lowe, KV-4, IS-M, Object 705, E 75, Object 430, E 50, E 50 M, 113, E 100, Object 705A

In between:

M6A2E1 (25mm), Chimera (25.4mm), Chrysler K (38.1mm), 112* (25mm), AE Phase I* (25.4mm), T95 (38.1mm), Concept 1B (25.4mm), 121 (15mm), WZ-111 5A* (25mm)

For a lot of these you’re better served just loading gold and shooting somewhere at the turret/superstructure/upper hull, but sometimes it’ll come in handy if you’re slightly above the enemy, being facehugged, or in other miscellaneous situations. Happy tanking!

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