Looking for a (semi-)competitive EU clan

Hi, in December of last year I came back to the game after a 7 or 8 year break. Back then, when I started playing WoT, I was „young and dumb“, but I would say I learned a lot in the last months and got pretty good at the game. I still do some beginner faults like not checking the mini map often enough and stuff like that, but I think I‘m gonna keep getting better. Especially If I could platoon with some better players, that tell me what I do wrong. My ingame is „chefkoch777“ on EU, in case that you want to check my stats: The reason why I didn’t improve as much in June and July as I did from January to April is, that I wrote my bachelor thesis at University and didn’t have that much time to concentrate on the game. And yes, I spent a lot of money on the game. Pls don’t judge me for that, I just got addicted and really like to play the game. A german speaking clan would be my favorite, but as you can read, I’m also able to speak english, so that would also work.

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