Looking for a strong Tier 10, accepting suggestions

Hi lads, I’ve been away from WoT for some time and would like to gear up a bit to tackle the higher tiers. Not clanwar-focused, I’m just an above average scrub who wants to have some fun (would be nice if the tank is good for Ranked though, but I hear Ranked is a shitshow).

Here’s the tanks I’m currently looking at:

HT – 60TP, E 100, Object 277

MT – 121, Object 430U

My rule of thumb is that if the tank has good enough armor and a very powerful gun then it’s worth it, I’m not a sharp tool so I’m not good with high skill cap stuff. Also, the better a tank can deal with gold ammo, the more points it gets (since I’ve noticed that watersports is the norm now, regardless of tier, heck I’ve been goldspammed a lot in Tier 2 lol).

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