Looking for EU clan

Hi, I’m looking for a clan on the EU server

I’m speaking English and Polish and i am looking for a clan that operates in at least 1 of these languages

My overall wn8 is 1200 and my 30 day recent wn8 is 1650

Link to my wotlife profile: https://wot-life.com/eu/player/Nikolajov_JD-575500004/

The tanks i have for playing CW and strongholds are:

Tier X: IS7, obj 277 and i almost finished grinding out the bat-chat 25t line

Tier VIII: bat-chat bourrasqe, CS-52 LIS, obj 703 II (122), obj 252U, ELC EVEN 90, lt-432 and the AMX M4 mle.49

-tier VI: t-34-85M

What i expect from the clan: – playing strongholds, advances and CW – friendly atmosphere – some clan boosters

Feel free to contact me in the DM’s

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