Looking for people interested in assisting/contributing to WoT machinima vids.

Scripted story based/skit content that’s video edited w/VFX, voice, etc.

It’s not really gameplay about w/in the group. It’s mostly writing, planning, then filming. Sharing about capabilities such as modeling 3D assets and integration w/in scenes cinematically or just in the scene in general for story use to animate with. From gifs to banners and also assisting other orgs/clans with their logos and vid intros and such.

I’m not interested in producing vids that just share clips of actual just gameplay footage, game tutorials and whatever. The stuff produced will be for entertainment.

If you enjoy doing funny voices and have a clean mic for characters as an example. Or even day dream of scenes of jokes or circumstances in mind that can be written down as material to get on-screen.

Maybe someone’s up to being a music maker or play with making custom sounds/effects.

Making machinima isn’t just playing a game, it’s using skills your into practicing and developing in regards to video production.

For those interested, I’d like to have a one on one over mic to chat a bit. Once more are involved and established, possibly even chat w/and get to meet the crew for consideration.

Atm, I’m working on writing scenes, character creation, animations and such to composite with in/game footage to share w/in the WoT community for now and extend possibly into the YT turf.

So just comment w/what your into practicing or have been playing around with and such or interests. Thanks.

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