Looking for Sensei

Hello I’m not that new but not that old in terms of the game, I played way back 2013 and for about 5 months then stopped and now I’m back and surprisingly my account is still alive.
I followed the missions where the IS-4 line grind is being sped up but as time goes on it feels like hell playing on KV-4 against the Tier IX-X, can’t even survive without shooting Gold all the time.
its been 7-8 days since I started the IS-4 Line grind and I’m currently on KV-4 With 115K/166K Combat EXP. Welp my main concern is that my Credits and my sanity are the ones taking the biggest hits. Any Advice?.

Also I watched some streamers and got the drops but don’t see them in my Depot. WoT Asia btw

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