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I’m quite a new player coming from wot blitz, so i know the basic core mechanics of the game like how armor, ammo, concealment, etc…works unless there’s any specific thing that changes drastically from one game to another.

But aside from the obvious adaptation to the new crews / consumables system I was wondering what were some tips to make grinds more efficient and enjoyable. My idea was to free xp basic modules like turrets, guns and some engines and avoid stock tanks.

I thought of grinding the Swedish heavies and TDs and the obj 430U since I like Russian meds in blitz and this one seems to be very strong while also not in blitz. Do you have any recommendations for which tanks to grind first or which ones to specifically avoid?

And last but not least, if I were to purchase gold, what would be the best investment? Or is the battle pass better? Are tech tree premiums worth it or are they just average or bad like in blitz?

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