Looking for T95 enjoyers to join our team for the 5v5 tier IX tournament today (EU)

Hey, me and my 3 other teammates are looking for one gamer to join us in the 5v5 tier IX tournament at 20:00 GMT, we have one space open.

We’re casuals, play mostly for fun, and plan winning battles with T95s, if the maps allow us to.

If anyone is interested in playing whacky tier 9 tournament battles and possibly even have some fun, feel free to DM me!

tanks.gg profiles of players in our team:

https://tanks.gg/eu/luky727 (1734 WN8) https://tanks.gg/eu/martinek0222 (1680 WN8) https://tanks.gg/eu/rudolfjelin (1646 WN8) https://tanks.gg/eu/quijibo11cze (1424 WN8)

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