Looking for tier 8 tank to use blueprints on.

I’m a casual player with a new account as my old one got lost. I’m already going towards the e-100, obj. 140, amx 13 105, the chinese td’s and russian arty for the missions, and aften this battlepass i’ll have some blueprints. I think i’ll want a decent tier 8 that also will also be decent for frontline. I’m interested in the is 2 II, but also autoloaders like the Emil 1 or amx 50 100. I could also go for the indien panzer or panther 2, but i don’t know how good they are. I like tanks that are more agile, so that’s why i skipping to the caernarvon would be useful. Decent pen is big, as i’m not planning on loading a lot of gold. I don’t care that much about one-dimentional tanks. Pls send help, i have too many choices

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