Looking for tips, pointers and info about the game (Effectively new player)

Just for some background, I made my account during the closed beta for the game but in the time since have only ended up playing 100 battles or so. I haven’t passed tier 6 on any tech tree and often found myself quite lost on what tank types have what sort of play styles and generally what stats or attributes are “good” when comparing modules or vehicles.
I usually end up going after tanks I know, like or are unique but so far thats led me down a route of getting absolutely spanked in battles.

I’ve also played World of Warships since beta and enjoyed that a lot more and got into it with fairly good performance. Sometimes though the change of pace with tanks seems nice.

Vast majority of the time im unable to penetrate anything and it feels like my gun accuracy or ability to fully aim makes picking out weak points futile. Almost every time ill resort to just tracking people repeatedly so that allies can deal the damage.

Plus the grind of xp, even with a premium account, feels attrocious to reach the more varied vehicles. Typically, unless I get kills, I get around 150-300xp on a loss at tier 5. I don’t know if im missing some trick to earning xp or if its just the typical grind?

So far ive gone for British mediums, Russian mediums (just got the T34) and was interested in Russian heavies, French lights and tank destroyers (maybe Swedish?). I don’t want to chase the meta but it helps with performance frustration to not inadvertently pick a weak nation or tank line.

I guess the tl;dr is:

What nations/vehicle lines should I avoid(if any)?

Why am I scoring so few penetrations against the majority of same tier vehicles?

How can I improve xp gains?

Should I bother researching/upgrading tank parts when working to unlock the next vehicle?

What general tips, facts or fool proof advise is there?

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