Losing streaks on certain tanks

Hi guys

Has anyone noticed that sometimes the game is rigged for certain tanks&
You can check my stats (same nickname) for TVP 51 or Kranvagn, although, I have a relatively high winrate % on tier 10, it’s been a shitshow for both tanks for a year. I managed to improve 29% winrate to 45% on Kranvagn but on TVP I dropped from 61 to 51% and cannot stop it from dropping even lower, the more I play.

I dropped the overall 30K battles winrate from 56.6 to 56.3 by solely playing these tanks.
And the worst part is that it’s like an addiction when I try to improve results again and again to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides deleting the account or alt-f4?
It’s my 5 comeback after deleting wot and I am really frustrated.

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