Loving Constructive Criticism for Skill4ltu

I am a long time player and an avid watcher of streamers such as Skill4ltu. I appreciate everything he does for bad players like me and for the community as a whole. Thank you, Skill.

I have to say though, I have a harder time watching Skill4ltu streams and videos these days because one thing overshadows the content: the constant “smacking of the lips” repetitive action that has creeped into his speech delivery. Maybe it’s just the new(ish) audio setup, but I do think that toning it down might help continue to refine the delivery aspect of the stream.

I remember streaming back in the early days (Justin TV anyone?) and someone pointed out a repetitious aspect of my delivery – and while I did not appreciate it at the moment, it certainly did make me a better streamer once I took it for what it was: constructive criticism given with the best intentions.

Again, I thought I would provide this for what it is – a guy who loves Skill4ltu who wanted to provide his constructive feedback but did not know where to do it.

Sorry if this is not seen by others as being worthwhile posting about. I admit that I was not sure whether or not to post it – but I thought if I was Skill4ltu, I would rather someone point it out to me.

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