LT432 or Skorp

Hello my friends, I’m a pretty bad player due to my poor number of battles ( less than 5000 ), 48% WR I mainly played Mediums and heavies ( Leo 1 line, 277 line ), and I already have 2 premiums tanks to make some silver ( Progetto, but i’m pretty bad with it, and 50TP, which i like to play ). I wanted to try something else, and i had some fun playing french light tanks ( wheels lolololol ones ), but i like the LT432 gameplay for what i’ve seen ( I feel like it’s the gigachad light tank )

BUT, i tried the Skorpion with the twitch prime rewards, and i’m liking it, I like sniping with the possibility to relocate if my lane is losing ( i’m playing nashorn right now, and I HATE this sensation to just die if my side losing )

I’m also interested by Grille line and ussr lights line

I’m still a student and i can’t afford buying both, so, which one should i buy, considering they have different prices ( LT432 20e and Skorp 30e )

Thank you all, may the force be with you

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