Lucky and unlucky tanks

Hi Guys.
Do you have tanks where luck always works in your favor, or quite the opposite, tanks that lose no matter how much you try?

In my case lucky tank where I win easily is KV1SA – tank is average, but somehow I get good teams for this tank, so even if I suck, I will win 60% of the time (wr for it is 60% for me)

my unlucky tank is Pudel. I usually get either bad team or battles vs T8 and a bad team, so my WR on this tank is approx 40% if not below, which is weird, because on VK 30.02M I have WR approx 50% and much higher WN8. Same tank, different results, as if MM is much worse/against me for Pudel.

Did you experience lucky and unlucky tanks as well?

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