Lunar Challenge: 3D “Special Guest” Style for the 🇨🇳 122 TM Pictures

Style treated as a non-historical, valued at 3,000 gold.

There is a weakly burning candle on the base of the cannon.

– “Here he is – the pearl of our parade. He had spent a lot of time under the tarpaulin, but finally it’s time to shine. What better to guide the column than this gem? Cleaned of dust and rust, it will play the first fiddle. Now it’s a decoration, status symbol, and special guest. Imagine it: a majestic beast rolling down a wide avenue, firing fireworks. Behind her, a marching formation of soldiers. And more soldiers. And then… The drums set the beat, followed by vehicles, vehicles and even more vehicles. And the joyful crowd stands along the avenue and laughs. I’m so glad we’ve been using these tanks for so many years only on special occasions. You don’t need to use them in any other way anymore, just to cheer people up at parades. Maybe that’s the best way to use them. “

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