Lynx 6×6 Three Marked


Essential Blurb:
The Lynx 6×6 is by far the least capable light tank at tier 8 for actually lighting the enemy. Even with an equipment loadout that yeets vertical stabilizer you’ll only be able to reach 422 view range in a best case scenario. Assuming the enemy has 0% camo and remains behind a dense bush you will only spot them at 200~ meters due to your poor view range, whereas you’ll be spotted at a distance of around 300~ meters in the open – Stop driving around in circles in front of an enemy gun line expecting to light them, they’ll only ever be lit after they’ve fired or you suiscout into them.

Be more adaptable and frankly selfish, don’t just throw the Lynx 6×6 in front of the enemy guns because has conditioned everyone on your team to only ever expect light tanks to do spotting. You have a great gun as well, use it and stay alive until the end of the game where your mobility and spotting becomes more useful.

Light tanks don’t just have to die within the first minute of a battle, you can make the choice to live longer if you want.

Equipment: Purple Coated Optics | Purple Gun Rammer | Purple Vents
Crew Skills: 7.41~
Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Optics Calibration
Ammunition: 30 APCR | 0 Standard | 8 HE
Map Bans: Ensk | Himmelsdorf

Session Stats:
Battles: 65
DPG: 1,953.09
Assistance: 1,106.54
Survival Rate: 46.15%

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