Make premium slots for tech tree vehicles

By bringing idea of Chuck slots to game, I would like to see in future something like premium slots for tech tree vehicles. What it would be all about? I am tired of playing same tier VIII premiums (or other tiers premiums) all the time when I need to farm credits .. with premium slot, you would be able to lock vehicle to it which would make it basicaly premium tank (more credits and other advantages) .. locking slot to vehicle would be one time use (you cannot switch vehicles in one slot) and cost would depends on tier of slot:
premium slot for tier 1 = 1000 golds

premium slot for tier 2 = 2000 golds

premium slot for tier 3 = 3000 golds

premium slot for tier 8 = 8000 golds

Possibly making also tier 10 premium slots … what would it bring to wargaming and players?



+player happiness

+no big deal with implementation (no new tanks at all)



+we could play our favourite high tier tanks even without premium account and still making credits

+way to spend our gold from boxes, ranks, …

+less premium tanks in games (no such thing like 5x Scorpion Gs in game)


What do you think about this idea? Criticism is welcomed πŸ™‚

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