Make reload time longer while tanks are moving fast or on an unbalanced terrain ?

I think there are very very few mechanics that allow players to influence their loader’s job or tank’s reload times.(Except for auto-reloaders). Most of the times we just don’t have to care about reload times in battles. (“loader’s injured” and “ammo rack hit” are just influenced mainly by RNG. That’s just annoying mechanic eating up our med kits and repair kits.) So why don’t just add some to make the game more competitive.

. Make reload time longer while tank is moving fast or on unbalanced terrain.

May be also make some new equipments and crew skill to reduce that reload penalty.

In real life it would be pretty hard to manually reload while the tank is driving fast, maneuvering across the terrain. And it would make a interesting mechanic Imo.

It’ll be like a nerf to all light tanks and fast medium tanks so may be WG will have to rebalance all these tanks.

And we need more new maps… Just sharing my thoughts…

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