Malding in my Type 5

Just wanted to vent some frustration. Have an absolutely tricked out Type 5, all crew members at least 4 skills. I have top tier equipment too. Struggling to understand why WG allows players to grind for this thing. I get farmed through my turret face by players on mediums w/330+ prem pen. Why can’t I AT LEAST go hull down in the heaviest tank in the game after the Maus? I can deal with the hull armor as is. And on top of that, MY premium ammo is 290 pen 😂😂😂. I’ll happily admit i’ve had some IS4 games where I HEAT a tier 8 cuz I’m too greedy to wait for intuition, but in my Type 5 i’m just a pinata for reward/meta tanks when they feel like pressing 2. Someone talk me off the ledge

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