Marty_Vole “no gold account”, his thoughts and experience

Sometime ago czech streamer Marty_Vole got extra free account from WG as CC, where he tried some sort of no gold challenge with several tanks. Now he made a summary video about his experience. His talking videos are always great, but since its in czech its limited to CZ/SK playerbase

His main point was to try something new, and also “finally shut up” all the whinning bad players, who always try to find excuses why they play badly and cannot get better, and blame superunicums for gold spam, bonds equip, …

I thought it would be interesting to post it here on wot sub, as there were, are, and will be always some whinning posts about pay2win, noob unicum dirty goldspammers, game is unplayable, …

Unfortunately his no gold account has locked statistics, and I could not find it even on, but I can post here his stats with few tier X tanks he 3 marked, no gold

Overall statistics – these are not 100 % no gold, as he admits he played few tanks in “standart way” so food and gold, as the ammount of extra accounts he can get as CC is limited, so he wanted to try some marking sessions with tanks already marked on his main acc… So I wont post it here, but you can just watch one second in the video to see it for yourself

link to original video

First 6 tanks were played no gold, from which he managed to 3 mark 5. With CS he said he got to 94,7% when he stopped


CS – 3363

50B – 3612

Leo – 3542

Batchat – 3062 (the worst), also said that without improved equipment and good, this gun is just trash

IS 7 – 3208

Obj 140 – 3347

In the end he admits everything we (at least most of us) know – sometimes your plays are limited, sometimes it can be frustrating, and sometimes you have to adapt more, try different tactics, … but its not unplayable, and its possible to be 3K DPG gamer

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