Meanwhile on ASIA…

Mailed to us by Lava.

Longtime reader here. There just happened to be a little episode on WOT Asia which I’d like to tell you about, and I do hope you’ll find it as amusing (and infuriating) as I do.
Towards the end of December, WG Asia released a preview of what was to come in January ( Among those events listed was something which would catch the eye: from 15 January 2021 to 22 January 2021, an event simply titled: ‘???’, in short, a mystery event. 
Naturally, we were very curious.
Digging a bit, and looking at NA’s preview, we found that instead of a mystery event, NA was going to have a tank trade in from 18 January 2021 to 1 February 2021 ( We also noticed that the dates for Asia’s mystery event were different, and in any case all previous trade-ins had lasted for 2 weeks, not 1. 
Naturally, the inference that we all shared was that Asia would be getting a different event instead of the usual trade in. 
Fast forward to the 15th when the event was slated to begin. There was no notice from WG. There were no updates on the official site. There was nothing on the official discord. It was only when players opened a thread on the forum did we get any update on the situation (, the disappointing news being that the event had been delayed till the 18th. No reasons were given. Nor did WG Asia bother to leave any notice of any kind whatsoever on the news section for players keen about the new event.
But that was not the end of the disappointment for the players unfortunate enough to have to play on Asia. It is the 18th of January, today, in other words. WG Asia has kept mum about the event for all this time, these last two weeks. Expectations are great. Surely, if it took 3 more days to get the event going, they were going to get it right. The mystery event, this unique event we’d been looking forward to, was about to be unveiled.
And it turns out to be the same old trade in.
The dates are 18 January to 1 February. They don’t even match the January preview. WG NA clearly got the memo on the trade-in. How then did WG Asia manage to botch it?
We’re not complaining about there being a trade-in, it’s a good way for WG to recycle lootbox gold. What we are very much pissed about is how WG Asia, either by sheer incompetence or malice, misled its players into thinking they would be getting a unique event – when all they were getting was the trade in, which, incidentally, doesn’t even take place on the same dates as this mythical mystery event.
To rub salt to the wound, as it transpires, the only reason that this ‘mystery event’ of ours was delayed for 3 days was because it was unthinkable that WOT Asia would get the trade in event before the other, proper servers. There were no technical difficulties.

Perhaps someone at WG Asia thought it would be funny, I don’t know. I only know that the question that is on many of us WOT Asia players’ minds right now is this: ‘WG, am I a joke to you?’

Apologies for the essay, but I had to vent.

Best regards,

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