Message to wargaming about arty

So, i heard about the Arty 2.0 update and thought about it for a while. I came to this conclusion:


your try at fixing arty wont solve the fundamental flaw arty has in World of tanks. Arty is and will be unbalancable if you stick to the current system.

You may ask why is is unbalancable?

Well, the current purpose of arty is to kill hulldown monsters, which is fine. But why in the world should an arty in a puplic game (no clan game or ranked) shoot at a hull down tank for 200 dmg and a small percentage for 800 if pen, if the arty can also shoot a td, med or light for a much higher chance to pen and flat out more dmg. It doesnt make sense to not do that.

Second point, if arty is the counter to hull down monsters, why do i have 3 artys in my T6 game with 1 heavy tank on malinovka???!?

There is a simple and easy fix to all of this, which wargaming just ignores: give arty a dmg modifier based on the tank it hits, so 0.2 vs light 0.4 vs med and td and 1.0 vs heavy tanks for like the first 5 min of a match (numbers are just randomly picked). Than it is much more profitable for arty to actually do what they are supposed to do and not just ruin the game for everyone.

And ontop of that nerf the fucking modul dmg.

Because, pls tell me what did i do wrong when i drive unspotted in my VK 30.02M and get a random 600 dmg shell that kills halve my crew and destroys 3 modules. You literally get punished for playing the game.

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