Might get a lot of hate for saying this, but I think food should not affect view range

Seriously, this is the reason(albeit, not the only one) why mediums and heavies can spot just as well as light tanks.

Something like an Obj. 277 can get over 460m view range without needing to change the equipment setup; Light tank competition can be hopelessly one-sided if the enemy LT runs food and your teammate does not; The EBR 105 can achieve over 445m view range, while the vehicle is able to run around like a racecar. That makes it the best overall scout in the game. Wargaming nerfed it, but it’s still the best, because they couldn’t see the real problem.

Tell me if I got something wrong, but I personally don’t like it when a heavy tank is spotting my entire team while being hull-down… I think the game would ultimately be less toxic if premium consumables had no effect on view range stats.

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