Missing old tanks

It’s been over a year since I’ve last played the game (mostly due to computer stuff, doesn’t run on my Mac well and didn’t want to do that to myself or others,) but I always start missing tanks that are either no longer there or fundamentally changed. For me, it was the 59-16, the Chaffee, and the VK 28.01. I had 660 battles in the 59-16, was my most played tank, and it’s terrible autoloader was my favorite thing ever. Could put a rammer on this one, and get it to like a 6.4 second reload with 5 110-damage shots 1 second apart exactly. The Chaffee was my favorite, have almost a 5 skill crew with the female crew mates in it, and it wasn’t the original Chaffee I loved, but the one right before the light tanks got normal match making, when it went 72 mph and was the best little scout ever, active or passive. And for the vk 28.01, it was just derp (though I hear it’s comping for Christmas.) sorry for the rant but they were my favorite thing in any video game ever.

What are tanks you miss?

TLDR: miss tanks a lot that are not the same

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