Mission TD-2: Aimed Fire in Object 260 campaign is bugged

The mission asks you to do “5k damage and destroy internal modules or injure crew members, at least 3 crits”. I have fulfilled these requirements about 20 times now but the mission is still not complete because the game refuses to count a lot of the crits for the mission. I will end the game with 5k+ damage and the other condition will say 0, 1 or 2/3 crits. But during the game I aim for crits and hear crit sounds, then in post match report I see that I have gotten at least 3 crits, sometimes as many as 7, but during the match they did not count towards mission completion.

Before anyone says anything, I am aware that damaging tracks, guns, turrets, etc. don’t count as they are not internal modules. I’m talking fuel tanks, ammo racks, engines, crew members, etc. I have had countless examples and even took screenshots of games where I had more than 3 of such crits but during the game only like 1 or 2 of them counted for the mission.

This is incredibly frustrating and enraging as what should have been a somewhat easy mission has turned into a nightmare. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is it worth writing a ticket to Wargaming about this?

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