MM is beyond anything the last few weeks.

Honestly, this sub needs a rant flair.

I like this game. I am relatively new, started last october and consider myself to be a ok ish player for 3k battles.

But the last few weeks, the Matchmaking was just utter bullshit. There were only 1:15 battles for me. For weeks. My Winrate droped for nearly 3% from like 49.9 to fuckin 47% Nearly every evening I try to play, I get a win to loose ratio of a 1:3, if not less. You all just cannot tell me, that in a 15v15 game, that I am faulty for this.

Even if I would die every game without doing anything, this result would be astonishing. And I got some gunmarks on my tanks in this time, so I could not have played that bad.

Its just unbelievable frustrating, grinds are anoing as hell, I earn nearly no credits, and I got the prime package with the *5 boosters as soon as it droped, and I still got some,?because I just dont get secound wins one my tanks. fml.

I just quit a session of 1w and 10l trying to grind my stock pta, but for the love of god, every fuckin time my team just dies. and I aint redline camping or rushing in first. Even if I cannot execute it that perfectly, I atleast have the theoretical knowledge on how to play my tanks (loads of youtube guids and streams), so imo, I aint actively loosing the games for my team.

I really like this game, but the developers seriously need to improve the fuckin MM and general game experience. Nerfing and buffing certain things or implementing the 65713th premium t8 doesnt help the experience at all.

It isnt even fun gameplay at the moment, its just an annoing ass grind. And if I werent so persistant in video games, I just would have stopped playing a long time ago, which probably a lot people are doing right atm, making the game even worse.

I like the concept of this game, the gameplay elements, the design and look, I dont even have that big problems with gold ammo, prem tanks or overpowered bs. But its just utterly horrendous to play at the moment.

Also, fuck arta.

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