Monthly Adopt a Tomato

Welcome to the Adopt a Tomato thread!

Just a reminder the mods have absolutely nothing to do with this, it’s up to you guys to run it and organize stuff for yourselves, you’re welcome to use this thread for that but I’d advise you to keep the top comments free of crap to make things easier.

If you’re taking part in this you should ideally have voice coms. Both RDDT EU and RDDT NA have TS servers with addresses on the sidebar. Anybody is free to use them, you don’t have to be in a RDDT clan.

It’s probably best if you follow a template, I’ve borrowed one below for both adopters and adoptees (use it as is, the Reddit formatting will be as intended that way).


Adoption Wanted Server: Area of Improvement/Focus: WoT Username: WN8/Win Rate: Profile

**Adopting** Server: Area of Expertise: WoT Username: WN8/Win Rate: Profile

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