Most embarrassing wot moment

Hey guys so after about 4 years of working up the courage i feel that i can finally share my most embarrassing life and wot moment all in one. It was a normal saturday spring morning, but this day i was going to Florida to see my aunt. I woke up got a coffee, headed to the airport, and even made it through security in good time. Once i got to my gate i sat down and decided to look at my Wot stats on my phone to kill some time. At some point i looked up from my phone to look around and i saw a guy wearing a black hat with symbol that mixed the center of a T with the middle of a W. having just been looking at Wot stats and my mind being in that state I looked at the guy and without thinking said omg you play world of tanks thats an awesome hat where can i get that? In that moment i not only admitted i played the most unknown cancer in the world but i confused a Tiger woods golf hat for a belarussian tank game.

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